Dedicated Hosting

We only practice the advanced, trendiest and thoroughly examined servers executed by SuperMicro. To take the most exceptional care of your data, all Whom’s Whom hosting servers come with two hard disks by default. Even when one hard disk finally breaks down, your data is still unimpaired, and your server will stay online.

We are dedicated to client satisfaction and need to confirm that every coder feels right at home. Having aforementioned in mind, we support PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby. Coming now to databases, We promote an unlimited number of MySQL which will give various discovery capabilities that will allow your business to scale database services with faith.

Whom’s Whom dedicated hosting service experts support team will manage every single feature of the server settings, monitoring, and preservation, as per clients requirements, helping you of the need to expand resources towards the required task.

We are just a call away and will help you with a comprehensive list of support businesses. To make sure that clients will nevermore run out of space on your server, we provide you with the ability to expand your storage using our Shared storage device remarkably. This is an extension to your default local hard drives. This Cloud storage (amount on your server) is provisioned instantly, with one click of the mouse.

Whom’s Whom Best Dedicated Web Hosting Services are directed to perform. Our Dedicated Hosting Services in India is ideal for large businesses and high traffic websites; they are developed for high-intensity workloads and suggest you manage to the very extreme detail. We supports servers entirely multiple geographic locations to provide flexibility, reliability, quality, and performance.

Co-Location Hosting

Make the maximum out of your present hardware and applications, while also setting yourself up for a future in the cloud. With Whom’s Whom hosting Colocation hosting service, you can expand and maintain your current infrastructure in our best-in-class data core facilities, while excluding the annoyance and value of controlling your own data hub.

At Whom’s Whom Cheap Colocation Hosting it’s all about holding our customers online and makes them profitable. One of the important ways we do this is by allowing affordable and secure colocation services whosesoever’s and whenever you want.

Our amenities are developed to secure our clients get the redundant DOS defended network they require with the most exceptional level of security they demand. Our colocation hosting service is ideal for any business looking to save. Consumers can also get the opportunity to take expert help approaching your hardest difficulties — such as refactoring applications or supervision on how to maximize the benefit of your current hardware investment.

We created an amenable, carrier-neutral infrastructure that puts you in control of your data at all times. Our base is scalable and can be adopted out for various sizes and configurations. Meantime, our Six Zone Security TM is uniquely designed to keep undesired visitors away.

Our different Cheap Colocation Hosting India provides the space. Power, bandwidth and other variables billed as per actual consumption: cpanel hosting Hyderabad India, PHP blogs hosting Hyderabad India. The cage domain defended by biometric entry points affording you an extra layer of security for client’s data and holding unwanted visitors out. Whether you’re looking forward to hosting your entire IT infrastructure or an individual server for offsite backup, one of our 22 data cores is sure to accommodate you with the security and connection you require.

With our Colocation plans to start at 42U rack space up to fully customizable cages and cabinets; we’re here to afford you with the scalable solutions to meet your growing business. Whom’s Whom’s infrastructures are entirely audited. Our hosting services are frequently and systematically checked with the centre on control purposes in the fields of organization structure, administration, environmental controls, and security. Rest guaranteed, your data is secure with us.

Linux Hosting

Whom’s Whom has been affording advanced and has swiftly mounted to administration in the web hosting business due to our customer-focused purpose. To make Linux hosting reliable, convenient & secure. We are one of the leading Linux Website Hosting Companies in India and continuously emerging as leaders. All our facilities are carefully chosen to ensure maximum uptime and performance for your websites. We use excellent quality servers with dual quad-core processors, available RAM.

Our Linux Shared Hosting Services are all connectivity provided by a highly redundant system path that optimizes the routing of all data. After long research, our system optimization is facilitated by probes, which enable us to plan data along the best path automatically. We are dedicated to presenting highly stable, transparent, reliable, secure and affordable Linux web hosting solutions to individuals and businesses.

We do is to deliver the Immeasurable benefits to our clients. The vision we have adopted is we take from our last few years of experience. We have established the tracks and hosting infrastructure taking into deliberation the fact of Maximum security and uptime guarantee. We strive to offer you quality assistance, real context to our client and a level up the adventure to exceed customer expectations.

Our top concern is “Happy Customer” which has to obtain by our each expert member. Their learning and dedicated attitude, and focus on their task securing us to meet the customer expectation. We aim to serve with commitment and afford excellent services to our client along with sustaining the long lasting relationship with us so that we can be recognized in this field forever.

Our Linux Website Hosting Company has a team of extremely qualified and motivated designers, professionals and maintenance staffs are determined to make the client’s hosting experience with us an exceptional one. We believe in building enduring relationships with our clients as building blocks of real growth and success. Whom’s Whom hosting Linux shared web hosting presents secure, stable, affordable Shared web hosting with endless space and bandwidth, high-speed network and hosting with all the traits you need. We are the best of internet shared Linux Website Hosting Service provider. More and more people are choosing Whom’s Whom for their website hosting.

Windows Hosting

Window hosting services in India are used mainly by somebody that are currently using a Microsoft based programming language or web applications. For example, .NET technologies, ASP.NET or VB.NET must be utilised within the Windows operating system.

We are one of the Best Windows Hosting Company in India that gives a full line of the Windows Hosting options bound to fit your specific needs. Moreover, for large businesses, the MSSQL database for Windows is ideal; however, there are other alternatives for Linux as well. Each of the web hosting solutions offered by us is fine-tuned, blazing fast and are ready for you! You get the best versions of your favourite and the most popular Windows Hosting development software, as we are the popular Windows hosting service provider in Hyderabad. Choose the high-speed package tailored for your needs.

Microsoft Access databases are also only available within a Windows hosting plan. Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange Point are two other commonly used web applications that require Windows hosting. Our hosting is the host provider to go with if you’re looking for high performance or the best support possible using the Windows platform or that currently have online businesses that depend upon the Windows platform to operate smoothly.